Red Light Therapy’s Effects on the Brain

The hype around red light therapy (RLT) is growing more prominent over time thanks to the research backing up its wonders! Recently, many scientists started testing RLT on different brain parts, reporting the results as significant and important.

Let’s go through RLT’s benefits on the brain and how you can optimize your brain health to reach your peak performance!

First things first, red light therapy increases blood flow in the brain, which can be seen on MRI scans. The benefit that RLT is the most famous for is the effect it has on mitochondria, which is considered the “powerhouse of the cells,” being responsible for adenosine triphosphate (ATP) production. ATP is the primary energy carrier in all living organisms on earth. RLT penetrates the skull to reach the brain cells and boosts the mitochondria for elevated ATP production, allowing your brain to achieve its best state!

Using RLT on your head allows the brain to absorb light and assists in the healing of damaged brain cells. Let’s break down how RLT could optimize your brain’s health:

RLT starts by stimulating your mitochondrial activity throughout the light absorption, enhancing the cell functions and the ability to regenerate, heal and protect them! This boosts ATP production, lowers inflammation and oxidative stress, and improves your cellular functioning, which builds up your brain’s strength! 

So if you are focused on your brain’s health and would like to heal, regenerate, prevent and protect your brain cells, red light therapy might be the friend you need!