Clinical Strength Infrared & Red Light Treatment In an Easy To Use Wrap


Clinical Strength Infrared & Red Light Treatment In an Easy To Use Wrap
    “The first in at home laser lipo”
    “Lose 2-3 inches of fat this week”
    “Nushape the N.1 in Red Light Therapy”
    “This is legit”
    “The only device like it on the market”
    “Best Gift for Travelers”
    “A Top Wellness & Fitness Company”

Portable Red Light Therapy, Anytime & Anywhere

Red light and near-infrared light are remarkably effective technologies employing FDA-approved red light therapy for releasing toxins. Engineered to be used as a “hands-off” system, The Therapy Wrap doesn’t require the oversight of a licensed medical professional but is rather employed via a wearable, battery-operated, portable belt that can be used anywhere - bringing this cutting edge technology out of the medspa and into the living room, bed, home gym - you name it.


The Nushape Lipo Wrap
The Therapy Wrap
The Therapy Mini
The NeuroWrap
Therapy Mat

The Therapy Wrap

The Therapy Wrap uses red light at 660nm and infrared light at 850nm, which have shown potential for promoting various health benefits such as possible skin rejuvenation, pain relief, skin repair, bone growth, hair growth stimulation, viral infection treatment, and testosterone production. Moreover, its versatility in application to different body parts makes the Therapy Wrap a promising option to explore.

    “The first in at home laser lipo”
    “Lose 2-3 inches of fat this week”
    “Nushape the N.1 in Red Light Therapy”
    “This is legit”
    “The only device like it on the Market”
    “Best Gift for Travelers”
    “A Top Wellness & Fitness Company”

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Dr. Jonathan Levy
Dr. Eric Wood
Dr. Donna Schwontkowski
Best Wellness Gift for Travelers!

The power of Red light Therapy can
accompany a traveler wherever they GO!

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6 days ago

I love my nushape and see a difference and recommend to friends and family.

Courtney Lockridge

2 weeks ago

I use Nushape as a treatment in many of my services at my Body Sculpting Studio, Shaped Secretz in Downtown, LA. It pairs well with our cavitation and skin tightening treatments. I wouldn't have it any other way and my clients love the results they see. One thing that I did notice is that it does wonders for post op clients. It definitely helps to reduce bloating and swelling from those types of procedures and assists with bruising and pain reduction.

Dione R.

2 week ago

Such an innovative piece!I got this to help with trimming my waist, but it also helps with thighs and back as well—I love to use it while on the stair master or treadmill for an hour, because you truly reap the benefits of both the wrap AND the activity!Get ready to sweat—can’t wait to skim down to my summer body!


2 week ago

The Nushape product lineup is very versatile for many applications to various body parts — one product has many uses! The Therapy wrap has been part of my recovery from surgeries and procedures… like a warm blanket with healing properties, yay! But honestly, the customer service is beyond compare… so willing to help and offer suggestions, plus thoughtful and understanding — my favorite has been Joan… such a gem with a gentle and genuine personal flare. Thank you!


3 week ago

First, I love the lipo wrap, I have seen inches melt away and has helped me sculpt during my weight loss journey. But then, I had an unfortunate puppy incident chewing my controller and customer service was quick to respond and immediately assisted to replace it!

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Jessica Charles

The year was 2015 and I was happily helping clients in my Santa Barbara spa. So many of my clients would ask me for safer, alternative methods for lipo or plastic surgery to help them kickstart that life-change to a healthier, happier lifestyle.

I started looking into how lightwaves work and the intricacies of how light therapy influences fat-loss and other bodily processes. Becoming completely enthralled with this unique approach to wellness and how it could help my clients, my interest grew to obsession and resulted in the phototherapy start-up, Nushape LLC. Originally Nushape was only offered in spas and doctors offices, but with our current collection we're happy to be delivering clinical strength light therapy directly at home.

Welcome and thanks for reading!