The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)
The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)

The Nushape Sauna Wrap (ZERO EMF!)

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Nushape presents the new ZERO EMF Infrared Sauna Wrap - it works on its own or in tandem with your Nushape Lipo Wrap to effectively:

  • Stimulate the lymphatic system to release fat after a Nushape Lipo Treatment (if you can’t exercise after or don’t have a vibration plate, you will want the Sauna Wrap to flush out the released fat!)
  • Bust stress & anxiety - release feel good chemicals in the brain for a state of wellness that lasts all day.
  • Improve sleep.
  • Reduce inflammation and soothe sore muscles and joints.
  • Burn approximately 600 calories per session.
  • Get clear and glowing skin.
  • Strengthen your immune system during cold and virus season.
  • Get your exercise (without exercising).

Experience the ultimate self-care ritual in your own home or wherever you choose with the incredible NIR Sauna Wrap. Harnessing the power of wellness-enhancing infrared technology, our infrared sauna wrap lets you sweat, detoxify and balance your system all while you just lie back and relax.

Boost Metabolism
One of the biggest benefits of infrared saunas is their ability to naturally boost your metabolism. The Sauna Wrap stimulates the lymphatic system to release fat by heating your body from the inside out. As your body heats up, it works to keep its core temperature down, which as a result, speeds up your heart rate, causing you to sweat, and ultimately making your body work much harder. As a result, it boosts metabolism, burning approximately 600 calories per session.

Detox The Body
Another way that infrared saunas help with weight loss is by detoxing the body. Each day the body builds up toxins in day-to-day life from many things. From environmental pollution to harmful EMFs, your body holds onto these toxins, which can cause the organs to undergo stress and cause your body to struggle with regulation and circulation. Therefore, the only way to get rid of them is to sweat it out, and the quickest way to do that is with an infrared sauna. Detoxing your body like this up to three times per week is an excellent way to keep your internal organs working properly, which will ultimately regulate your body's circulation for better weight loss control and healthier organs. Not to mention, it gives your skin a beautiful, goddess-like glow.

Combat Stress
When we are stressed, our body's normal functions begin to shut down, which, among other things, can cause us to hold onto excess weight. However, when we are in a relaxed state, such as in a sauna, our normal cellular functions level out and allow our body to regulate blood sugar, metabolic rate, and energy levels again, allowing for a healthy and balanced regulation. Eliminating stress can also help strengthen your immune system during cold and virus season.

Helps Joints and Eases Body Aches
The first way that infrared sauna’s assist with pain relief is with their ability to release tension in joints. This is because the infrared sauna helps to target build-ups of stress and inflammation in the joints. Another benefit of infrared saunas in regards to pain is their ability to help soothe muscle and body aches. This is done simply through deep penetration of our body from the infrared rays in the sauna. It is believed that these rays can go beyond the surface of our skin, and can actually penetrate several inches into it. This process helps to open our blood vessels and provide nutrients and oxygen to our muscles quicker that ultimately helps to soothe and relax your muscles in just a matter of minutes.

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