Sexual Dysfunctions - Depression

Photobiomodulation and Sexual Dysfunctions as a Consequence of Depression

One of the major symptoms of depression is a decrease in the libido. In other words, a difference in sexual desire, arousal and orgasm. Mood disorders are becoming a very common problem since the pandemic. The World Health Organization (WHO) has reported that the coronavirus pandemic has triggered an increase of 25% in the prevalence of depression and anxiety.

Today, with the new discoveries and clinical trials that are conducted, alternative treatments have arisen to be complementary with medication and therapy. 

Numerous studies have questioned the efficiency of photobiomodulation (PBM) on patients with depression, and beneficial results have been reported. After the results were seen, other scientists decided to think further and evaluate the symptoms that go along with depression and where PBM stands to treat these symptoms. 

The declining sexual desire can be a symptom of depression, whereas, having a hard time with ejaculation/erection and getting an orgasm is generally induced by the medication one takes. No worries about that, as long as you continue reading and know how PBM can actually help in this situation according to different studies who have been interested in the topic. 

The first study (double blind clinical trial) we will go over is a study that has taken a population suffering from depression and separated the participants in two groups. One group received PBM and the other received sham therapy. This study wanted to evaluate sexual arousal, desire and orgasm. The results are pretty encouraging as they found that there was a significant improvement in the participants that received PBM compared to the placebo group. 

The second study is a systematic review, that has taken a variety of studies to go more in depth in the use of PBM for sexual disorders (SD) as a symptom of depression or as a consequence to the use of medication (psychiatric treatment). After the evaluation of different studies, it has been concluded that the use of PBM could be beneficial, not only to treat SD (as a comorbidity), but also other symptoms that come along with depression. 

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